Lead Designer: Antonello Prezioso, RaumLabor-Berlin
Personal Responsibilities: Construction Site Management / Laborer
- Efficiently processed hundreds of salvaged wood pieces from the city using a diverse range of power tools, such as table saws, chop saws, track saws, and more.
- Contributed to the construction of a wooden truss system that served as the foundation for the wood shingle façade.
- Demonstrated proficiency in using a plasma cutter for intricate metalwork.
- Undertook precise onsite angular measurements, aiding in the assembly of several benches that also functioned in reinforcing the building structure.
- Played an active role in construction site management, with a keen emphasis on implementing and maintaining strict safety protocols.
- Added finishing touches by painting the processed wood, which subsequently became the aesthetic wooden shingles.
Project Team / Volunteers: Jan Liesegang, Carolina Puppe, Rae Jiang, Mikkel Wolff, Paula Straube, Raul Walch, Torben Strate, Wiebke Warncke, Selin Geerinckx, Helena Escuerdo, Daniel Kadler, Guido Hernandez, Ying Zhang, Diane Esnault, Kiki Deliyiannidou, Marian Willing, Dylan Pero, Lennart Wolf, Ronya Norrelgen, Jonas Haala, Leah Thamm, Efa Bezi, Clara Monteiro, Noah Dreyblatt, Frieda Hunsch, Andrea, Franziska, Lisa van Heyden, Marie Schwemin, Meret Behnke, Filip Daust, Simon Rowekamp, Moritz Pfister
Photograph Credits: Antonello Prezioso, Raul Walch
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