I believe in a close relationship between architecture and acts of celebration. While attending the School of Architecture at Taliesin, I had the opportunity to oversee numerous gatherings at the legendary venues of Taliesin and Taliesin West. During these Taliesin evenings, we would host monthly events often entertaining guests numbering over 100 members. At these events, we would bond over topics such as art, philosophy, politics, and discuss ways in which we could improve our local community, all the while relishing in the beauty of these world heritage sites. To prepare for these undertakings, I had the opportunity to preparing full three course meals on numerous occasions working under a master chef. Some of my favorite moments at Taliesin included designing the invitations, formal place settings, and having the honor to decorate these architectural masterpieces. 
I hope to find a way to one day make events even more sustainable, beautiful, and open to everyone. I aspire to have my own venue where I can similarly incorporate art, music, food, and the community together in a way that promotes support for one another and a healthy appreciation for life.
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